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Our mission at SABAK'S

Contributing to a Greener Future

SABAK'S RECYCLING is a company specialising in metal recycling and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Its activities are centred on three main missions, which contribute to the preserving the environment and promoting a circular economy. These missions are crucial to reduce waste, saving natural resources and minimising environmental impact.

Our three main focuses:

SABAK'S RECYCLING undertakes to collect effectively metals and waste electrical and electronic equipment to individuals, businesses and organisations. This first mission involves setting up optimised collection systemsThese include dedicated collection points, partnerships with local businesses, and awareness-raising initiatives to encourage people to take back this waste instead of throwing it in the bin. Once collected, the materials are meticulously sorted to separate recyclable components from hazardous wasteguaranteeing appropriate management of this waste.

SABAK'S Recycling undertakes to recycle responsibly metalsThese include aluminium, copper, steel and many others. This includes the treatment of metals to return them to the production circuit, thus avoiding the extraction of new raw materials and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with these processes. The company uses cutting-edge technologies to maximise the recovery rate of metals and minimise residual waste, thereby contributing to the preserving natural resources and reducing environmental pollution.

SABAK'S Recycling is committed to promoting reuse and the upgrade from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Instead of simply recycling these devices, the company strives to restore and repair equipment in good working order, giving it a second life. Reusable equipment is put back on the market, reducing demand for new electronic products and contributing to a more sustainable use of resources. For equipment that cannot be repaired, SABAK'S Recycling ensures that they are dismantled and recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner, in accordance with the regulatory standards in force. This approach contributes not only to reduce electronic wasteIt also helps to extend the lifespan of products, thereby promoting a more circular, environmentally-friendly economy.

Our vision for the future

In the coming years, we plan to expand our operations by developing strategic partnerships with companies, governments and organisations involved in the fight against climate change. waste reduction and the preserving natural resources. We will continue to invest in technologies to improve our processes for collecting, sorting, recycling, repairing and reusing materials, in order to maximise our positive impact on the environment.

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Compliance with environmental standards

Our heritage

The history of Sabak's

Founded by Ziver SABAKOur family business has always been guided by values of ethics, integrity and respect for the environment. Thanks to our commitment to quality and innovation, we have established strong partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and environmental organisations, and have earned the trust of our customers.

Today, it is run by Ziver and his son Jonas, SABAK'S continues to grow and evolve, while remaining true to its core mission of providing sustainable solutions for a greener, cleaner world.


The team and staff

United for a common purpose

SABAK'S RECYCLING is proud to rely on a dedicated team and committed employees to pursue its mission of preserving the environment and the promotion ofcircular economy. This diverse and passionate team plays an essential role in the company's success. Our strategic partnerships with key players in the recycling supply chain, such as local collectors, logistics companies, regulators and environmental organisations, strengthen our ability to collect materials efficiently, process them in accordance with local regulations and ensure that they are recycled. environmental standards and to promote eco-responsible practices.

The Visionary

Founder and Managing Director, Ziver SABAK is the mainstay of SABAK'S. His vision guides our company towards excellence and innovation in the electronics recycling sector.

The Sales Force

As Head of Sales and Marketing, Jonas SABAK is the driving force behind our growth. His expertise and dynamism enable us to strengthen our relationships with our customers and partners.

Expertise & Precision

Our dedicated workers are at the heart of our process. Their expertise ensure meticulous dismantling that complies with environmental environmental standards.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Every employee at SABAK'S plays an essential role. Our success is based on collaboration, passion and commitment to a greener future.

Environmental and social impact
Our commitment

Beyond Recycling: A Mission for the Planet and the Community

La preserving the environment is at the heart of our mission at SABAK'S. Every action we take, every decision we make, is guided by our commitment towards the planet and our responsibility to future generations. By offering recycling and re-use electronic components, we are making an active contribution to the reduced ecological impact in the electronics industry. But our impact goes far beyond that.

Our environmental approach is not just about waste reduction. It also covers conservation of natural resourcesthe reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of circular economy. Each component that we recycle, each appliance that we recondition, represents a saving in terms of resources, d'energy andemissions.

But our commitment doesn't stop at the environment. We are also aware of our social responsibility. As a family-run business, we value the skills of our employees. human relations, l'ethics and theintegrity. We strive to create sustainable jobsWe are committed to supporting our employees and making a positive contribution to our community. At SABAK'SWe believe that recycling is more than just a business. It is a mission for a greener, cleaner and fairer world for all.

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Partnerships and certifications

Our partnerships play a crucial role in optimising our operations. We work closely with local collectorscompanies logisticsorganisations regulations and environmental organisations to ensure efficient collectionsafe transport and the compliance with environmental regulations. These partnerships strengthen our supply chain and our ability to act in a sustainable way. manager throughout the recycling process.

With regard to certifications, SABAK'S is constantly striving to obtain the accreditations and quality labels that attest to our commitment the environment and sustainability. These certifications include environmental management standardsprocedures security and compliance rigorous, and traceability guarantees of the materials we process. This enables us to provide our customers with the assurance that our recycling practices meet the highest standards. standards and comply with the strictest legal requirements.

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