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Metal treatment and recycling - by SABAK'S

Metal Treatment and Recycling Service

Responsible management of metals is essential for protect our environment and preserve our natural resources. At SABAK'S RECYCLINGwe have developed a rigorous process for the treatment and the recycling metals, guaranteeing eco-responsible approach while maximising the valuation recycled materials.

List of Key Service Aspects :

Each stage of our process is designed to ensure optimal management metals. From the initial separationby way of the merger and refininguntil the final processingwe use cutting-edge technologies and methods proven to guarantee quality and the sustainability recycled metals. Our commitment excellence is reflected in our rigorous quality controlWe are committed to ensuring that every product that comes out of our process meets the highest standards of quality. highest standards.

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Sorting and dismantling process

Once we have collected your electronic devices and ITare transported to our treatment centre and recycling. The devices are first sorted depending on their type and condition. Some equipment still functional or easily repairable are intended for re-usewhile the others are dismantled for extract components and recyclable materials. Dismantling is carried out by our specialist technicianswho take care of separate the various components making up the equipment, such as metalsthe plasticsthe printed circuit boards and cables. The hazardous componentssuch as batteries and cathode ray tubesare also identified and dealt with appropriate to guarantee security and the environmental protection.

Extraction and recovery of materials

After dismantling, the recovered materials are prepared to be recycled and valued. Metals such as copper, l'aluminium and thesteelare separated and compacted before being sent to specialist foundries to be fade and reused in the manufacture of new products. The printed circuit boards contain precious metals such asor, l'silver and the palladiumwhich are extracted using chemical processes or electrolytic. The plastics are ground and transformed into granules to be reused in the production of new plastic objects. Visit enhancing these materials, we are helping to reduce demand for natural resources and decrease l'environmental impact in the electronics industry.

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Environmental standards and certifications

At SABAK'Sour commitment to the environment is at the heart of our business. We take care to respect environmental standards the strictest standards and ensure compliance of our procedures to current regulations. Our processing and recycling is certified according to international standards including, in particular, the R2 (Responsible Recycling) standard for the responsible recycling of electronic waste. By choosing our services, you have insurance that your electronic and computer equipment will be treated in a manner responsible and ecological, in the full compliance with legal requirements relating to the management of electronic waste.

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Metal prices

Gold - AU - $/kg

Silver - AG - $/kg

Copper - CU - $/kg

Aluminium - AL - $/kg

Palladium - PD - $/kg

Platinum - PT - $/kg

Rhodium - RH - $/kg

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