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Service for the Reuse and Sale of Electronic Components

Technology is evolving rapidlybut this does not mean that electronic components should be discarded after first use. At SABAK'S RECYCLINGwe firmly believe in reuse potential electronic components reconditioned. We get, recondition and back on the market components of high qualityoffering a ecological alternative and economic on the purchase of new products.

List of Key Service Aspects :

Our catalogue offers impressive variety of reconditioned electronic components, from computers at peripheralsincluding internal parts. Each product is subject to a rigorous repair processensuring its performance and its sustainability. With our quality guarantee and our expert technical supportyou can have trust in every purchase. By choosing the re-useyou support a ecological approachcontributing to reduce electronic waste and preserve our planet.

Some of our products on sale

At SABAK'Swe are giving a second life electronic and computer equipment by repairingthe reconditioning and putting back on the market. Our catalogue of refurbished products includes a wide range of devices such as :


Laptops and desktops


Smartphones and tablets


Screens and monitors


Printers and peripherals


Internal components (motherboards, processors, memory, etc.)


Network equipment (routers, switches, etc.)

All our refurbished products are tested and certified to work properly, and are offered at lower prices than new products.

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Repair and refurbishment process

Le repair process and refurbishment of our electronic and IT equipment follows the rigorous stages to ensure their quality and their reliability :

Guarantees and technical support

We are convinced of the quality of our refurbished products and we let's get involved to offer a technical support and guarantees to our customers. All our reconditioned equipment is covered by a warranty. 3-month guaranteeduring which we provide replacement or the repair defective components at no extra charge. What's more, our technical support team is available to answer any questions you may have, help you to solve any problems you may have and provide you with advice to optimise the use of your reconditioned equipment. You can also contact by e-mail or via our contact form online.

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