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Understanding our services and mission

At SABAK'S RECYCLINGWe strive to make our services as transparent as possible. Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers and partners. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We accept a wide range of electronic waste, from computers and smartphones to monitors, printers and internal components. See our 'Electronic waste collection' page for a detailed list.

We follow strict environmental standards and use recycling methods that minimise environmental impact. In addition, we work with certified partners to ensure environmentally-friendly management at every stage.

Yes, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of businesses, including on-site collection and bespoke recycling programmes. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Costs may vary depending on the volume and type of material. However, we strive to offer affordable solutions. For a precise quote, please contact us.

Data security is a priority for us. We follow strict procedures to ensure the complete and secure erasure of all data on collected devices.

Recycling involves breaking down appliances to extract materials for reuse. Reuse, on the other hand, means that the appliance is refurbished and resold for future use, thereby extending its lifespan.

We have several partner collection points across the city. Consult our collection point locator on our website to find the one nearest you.

Yes, we regularly organise events and workshops to raise awareness of the importance of electronic recycling.

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